Just back from a 150 date world tour, self-proclaimed psychedelic folkster Stuart O’Connor plays in Hitchin tomorrow night (Friday).

The singer-guitarist will perform with his band at Club85 along with The October Game, Spandex Ballet and Philip Storey.

The musician has been touring his 16-track Good Times with Evil album across the globe over the last nine and a half months performing in Japan, New Zealand, Australia and Thailand.

“I’ve toured every time I’ve had a record out,” he said. “Each time I’ve added another country.

“Every time touring its a mixed bag, you don’t know what to expect when you go to a venue. On the whole it was reallly good. CDs sold really well. I had to ship more out, which was a logistical nightmare when you are on the road!

“I did a lot of gigs with other musicians. It’s really nice to share that vibe with people. I loved it.

He added that he is really looking forward to the Hitchin gig.

“Club85 is my venue really. I’ve been playing gigs there for over 10 years now. Just getting back and getting to see my friends and playwith my band again is excellent.”

Tickets for what promises to be a celebratory night are a fiver on the door.