Pop rocking indie boys Trouble With Tuesday are once again hosting a festival to help fight a cause close to their hearts.

The Stevenage three-piece will be at Bedford Esquires on August 27 along with Tonight We’re Electric, Count The Days, Sofasonic and Crisis Of The Third Century for Truzrock Festival to raise cash for the Alzheimer’s Society.

Singer Adam Compton, whose grandfather suffers from the mentally debilitating condition, said: “I think Alzheimer’s isn’t just a disease, it’s a completely new way of life for everybody connected with the person suffering from it. In my grandfather’s case you can see in his eyes that he is searching his heart and soul to find out who you are when you walk in the room. But my grandmother is the real hero, watching a man so full of energy, wheelchair bound, unable to speak, and unable to think, she still has the strength to smile and be his rock.

“We have a song on our new EP called “Strong Enough” which was inspired by the cause and what my family has gone through, I think the pinnacle line in the song is ‘that girl by his side, the iron vest beneath his coat’ which represents every person affected by the disease, all of which I admire for their strength and commitment.

“I love my granddad so much, and I know he’d be proud of what we are doing, but that’s not enough. The Alzheimer’s Society can’t help people on just thoughts and wishes, they need action. Bedford Esquires is where peopled can stop watching and start acting.”

Seventy per cent of sales from the TWT’s new four-track EP will go to the charity.