A brand new seven-piece jive band will be firing up the swinging sounds of the 40s and 50s at their launch party on Saturday night.

The fabulously sassy Genie And The Jivebombers will be bringing something new (and old) to the music scene when they step out at Hitchin Town Football Club.

Band leader, singer and arranger Rachel Farrow has spent the last year putting together the “stonkingly good” outfit made up of four girl singers, piano, drums and double-bass.

“I’ve been an arranger and singer for a lot of years. I got a bit bored of hearing the same old thing, and it got to a point when I thought ‘what’s going to make me happy?’ I’ve gone for the music I really love. And we dress up in 40s clothing and have the period mics.

“We have a brilliant pianist – Craig Storwood, I was so excited when he said he wanted to play and a great swinging drummer and double bass player.

“We will be playing Louis Jordan, Louis Prima, Cab Calloway – that kind of thing, as well as taking modern songs and swinging it. It’s very not the Andrews Sisters – we are trying to get far away from that.”

Spin Out and Pyramid Rocks DJs will also be there on the night keeping the dancing going until 1am with records from the period.

Doors open at 8pm and entry is a fiver.