RED Hot Chili Peppers are going to “brutalise” Knebworth, according to their bass player.

The Comet has been given access to an exclusive interview with singer Anthony Kiedis and bass player Flea from the multi-platinum selling rockers.

The pair spoke out about returning to the UK and playing Knebworth for the first time on June 23, 2012.

“Yeah we love it there, it’s kind of a strange home away from home,” said frontman Anthony on visiting the UK for two one-off gigs next summer.

“It’s so weird because we started off with the most antagonistic relationship possible with the UK. Yeah in the early 80s.

“Well we came over the first time in 84 to play a little club called Dingwalls. We were just adversarial, and confrontational, for no good reason.

“So much beautiful music has been born in the country of England over the years, really we admire the hell out of it. But as youths we felt compelled to contest everybody, and everything. That’s how we started off, as little haters. Then the more we went, the more we realised this place is pretty magical, the reception has been phenomenal over the years, we like it there.”

Bassist Flea said: “Yes, that’s going to be fun. Hell yes man, I’m ready to do it. England is a place where it’s always been exciting for us to go there. For any American band, you grow up loving all this English music. And to go over there, you feel like you have to honour all this. Like we’re going to do this Knebworth thing, like Zepplin played it, you know what I mean.

“It’s just awesome. We’re going to do our best to play our hearts out. To let go of our brains and be animals, let the music flow and give every fibre of our being to the process. I just wanna explode.”

On Knebworth specifically he added: “I’m going to brutalise it, like a wilderbeast let out of a cage that hasn’t eaten in six months.”