A YOUTH theatre group will be spending 12 hours running a drama workshop next week in a bid to raise �1,000.

Lytton Youth Theatre – part of Stevenage Lytton Players – will be taking part in drama-related exercises and activities from 8am to 8pm on Sunday, January 29, at Lytton Theatre.

Members aged from eight to 18 will spend half the day at the theatre in Vardon Road, Stevenage, to raise funds for a new studio theatre which was given planning approval in 2009.

Stevenage Lytton Players will also be holding a fundraiser on the day themselves in the form of an 11-mile ‘winter walk’ which takes them from the theatre to Benington, Walkern, Great Ashby and back into Stevenage. They have also set a target of �1,000.

“We’ve been in the theatre building for quite some years and it’s now 10 to 15 years past its sell-by date so we’re trying to put together the funds now for a small theatre which will be about 120 seats – that’s about double the capacity at the moment,” said Lytton Players chairman Chris Hobbs.

“While we have planning permission we are very much at the beginning of our journey to raise funds totalling some �2m, which is the estimated cost of the new building completely kitted out. Once complete the building will also be available for local community groups to use both as a performance venue and as a meeting place during the day.

“Our first target is to bring on board a professional fundraiser to coordinate and help to bring in the funding. We have set ourselves an initial target of �20,000 to raise by the end of January, 2012. To date we have �10,700 so we have a little way to go. Fundraising has been going on for a while but we’re looking to increase people’s awareness of us in the community.”

Dave Slade, who will be running the drama workshop, added: “I have been running the Lytton Youth since the last century and I am looking forward to raising these much needed funds with this group of imaginative, energetic youngsters aged eight to 18. I know these times are hard for everyone but if you can spare a couple of pounds towards our target we would be very grateful. Thank you in advance for your support!”

To sponsor Lytton Youth Theatre members or Stevenage Lytton Players visit www.justgiving.com/teams/workshop and www.justgiving.com/teams/lyttonwalkers respectively.