A RACE against the clock thriller will be up for discussion by a bestselling author.

Robert Goddard, whose first novel Past Caring was an instant hit, will be talking about his latest book at David’s Bookshop next Wednesday, April 11.

Fault Line follows the life of protagonist Jonathan Kellaway who is on the verge of retirement from a china clay company.

Kellaway is given a final task before he quits - to compile a timeline of the company’s history. In doing so, the academic discovers a gap covering several years in the records of the small china clay outfit where Kellaway himself starting his career.

His return is a voyage into dangerous waters as a dead friend, a lost lover and a clutch of mysteries from Kellaway’s youth all come back to haunt him.

Goddard, known for his edge-of-the-seat pace and labyrinth plotting will be entertaining visitors to the Eastcheap store from 7.30pm.

Tickets are �3 but are redeemable against the price of the book - call 01462 684631 to reserve a space.