Fuzzed out dirty rocking blues will turn The Vic into a heady 60s funk out for an August bank holiday special.

Madly-bearded, moon-eyed singer Sir Walter J Wallis and his band mix up a swamp cocktail of love, longing and loud-as-a-loon driving bass, guitar and drums.

Playing songs from his albums The Road To Burlesque, Souls Of The City, and soon to be released Ukedelia and New Songs From Easy Town, Wally

promises he is “going acoustic early and turning on the valves later” at the free gig at The Victoria in Hitchin on Saturday 25.

Wally added the show will be delivered “on a plate of carnage, garnished with feedback using elements of blues, funk and soul, underscored by a fierce rock sound. The evening will feature special guests and a journey to the unknown – anyone for a ride?”

Hold that door open missy, I’m catching that train…