The Pink Panther (PG) Steve Martin takes on the role of Inspector Clouseau in a film that isn t quite as bad it could have been but still is no masterpiece. 2/5 * Tsotsi (15) Winner of the best foreign film category at this year s Oscars, Tsotsi is an abs

The Pink Panther (PG) Steve Martin takes on the role of Inspector Clouseau in a film that isn't quite as bad it could have been but still is no masterpiece. 2/5

* Tsotsi (15) Winner of the best foreign film category at this year's Oscars, Tsotsi is an absorbing yet painful story of a Soweto criminal who accidentally kidnaps the baby of a wealthy family. PPPP

The World's Fastest Indian (12A) Anthony Hopkins is wistfully avuncular in this based-on-a-true story film about record breaking Kiwi motor cyclist Burt Munro. 3/5

* Syriana (15) Based very loosely on the memoirs of a CIA agent, Syriana is a thriller vaguely in the style of the great conspiracy thrillers of the 1970s. It crams a lot into two hours and can be hard to keep up with but is intelligent and exciting none the less. 3/5

The Hills Have Eyes (18) A remake of Wes Craven's 1977 horror. A suburban family find themselves at the mercy of a family of cannibals mutated by atomic tests. PPP

* Two For The Money (15) A testosterone-packed look at the world of sports betting staring Al Pacino and Matthew McConaughey. It's neither actor's best film by a long way and is generally a bit of a mess. 2/5

* The Proposition (18) Ray Winstone, Guy Pearce and John Hurt star in this brutal Australian Western. Winstone's character Captain Stanley captures two of the notorious Burns brothers and gives the middle brother (Pearce) an ultimatium: find and kill your younger sibling or your older one will be hanged. Tough stuff but a film well worth watching. 4/5

* The Little Polar Bear: The Mysterious Island (U) Children will enjoy this colourful adventure but they may be the only ones. Lars, the little polar bear, becomes an accidental stowaway with his friends and embarks upon an exciting journey to a world of turtles, volcanoes and giant sea creatures. 3/5

* The Matador (15) Pierce Brosnan leaves his suave and sophisticated role as James Bond for a more rough and rugged lead as a freelance hitman. He's still killing left, right and centre until he meets an ordinary man, working as a salesman, and forms a strange relationship with him. There's a mixture of friendship and manipulation as the two battle forward. 4/5

* Last Holiday (12A) A shy saleswoman is told she has just three weeks left on this earth so she heads to a five-star hotel in the Czech Republic to spend her remaining days. 2/5

* The Weather Man (15) Nicolas Cage is a Chicago weatherman who has separated from his wife and children. Although his future is looking hopeful when it comes to his career, his personal life is looking decidedly gloomy. A tough decision follows, should he take the job in New York or stay with his family? 3/5

* Date Movie (12A) Another spoof movie from the makers of Scary Movie, Date Movie fails to pull it off as a clever comedy. Simply mimicking some weak observations from other romantic comedies doesn't do enough to make this film stand out. 2/5

* Lucky Number Slevin (18) Slevin (played by Josh Hartnett) moves into a friend's New York flat and simultaneously a whole lot of trouble. A case of mistaken identity, two criminal kingpins and lovely Lucy Liu. 3/5

* Chicken Little (U) An animated Disney film that follows the barmy bantam who warns the town that the sky is falling in. Ridiculed at first, his fears soon prove well-founded. 4/5

* Final Destination 3 (15) Another sequel and more of the same so if you liked the first two you'll enjoy this. A high school senior has a premonition involving a fatal accident at an amusement park. 3/5

* Big Momma's House 2 (PG) Another instalment in the Big Momma saga and this time FBI agent Malcolm Turner goes undercover and works as a nanny for a troubled woman under suspicion for murder. 2/5

* Walk The Line (12A) Joaquin Pheonix plays a singer who escapes the Arkansas grind for the brighter lights of Memphis in this biopic of Johnny Cash. 4/5

* Zathura - A Space Adventure (PG) Two bored brothers in constant sibling turmoil are bickering at home one day when they uncover an old board game in the cellar. In Jumanji style, they are transported to outer space where they risk being stranded unless they complete the game successfully. 3/5

* Brokeback Mountain (15) Gay cowboy love story staring Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal. Director Ang Lee captures the western mode well and both leads turn in fine performances. 3/5

* Cheaper by the Dozen 2 (PG) A sequel to 2004's film with Steve Martin. Two families find themselves in competition with each other while on holiday. 1/5