Cairns Cup win for Letchworth GC over Stevenage rivals

Local bowls clubs are chasing success in various competitions

Local bowls clubs are chasing success in various competitions - Credit: PA

Letchworth Garden City began their Cairns Cup campaign with a 108-71 win over Stevenage Town.

They won three of the four pairs, with the successful skips being Brian Bargery, Christopher Ottaway and Tony Sinclair.

LGC hosted Steeple Morden in a friendly on Saturday and won two of the three matches, but lost by three shots overall.

A Sunday trip to Datchworth in the Stevenage & District Mixed League ended in a 57-40 victory, with Bargery and Sinclair skipping their rinks to success.

Howard Garden went to Hitchin for a midweek friendly, winning on two of the three rinks but losing 55-52 overall.

And they also suffered a Cairns Cup defeat at Datchworth, going down 89-59.

But they finished with a home match against Holwell in the Stevenage & District Mixed League and won 68-28, with most of the damage done by Daphne Brothers' rink, as they won 38-4.

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Baldock beat Letchworth Conservative Club in the county league, while the B team had an impressive win on both rinks at Royston in the National Two Fours.

Riverain were beaten 120-60 in the Cairns Cup, while Baldock saw off Stevenage in four of the five disciplines in the National Top Club.

However, they lost 44-32 to Hertford in the Tony Alcock competition.

Datchworth had plenty to cheer during another busy week on the greens.

Although their Blue team lost 37-29 to WGC Lions in the East Herts League, the Yellow team beat North Mymms 30-23 in the Welwyn Hatfield League.

And their Gold team beat Welwyn Bucks 30-22 in the EHBL the next night, when the Green team defeated BSP 34-29 in the WHBL.

The Blue team got back to winning ways on Wednesday with a 48-26 success at Bishop’s Stortford.

And another double-header on Thursday saw the Yellows lost 39-24 at Shire Park, but the men beat Howard Garden 89-59 in the Letchworth & District BA’s Cairns Cup.

Datchworth beat Rosedale on an extra end in the Ranson Cup on Friday, but lost a Stevenage & District Mixed League match 57-40 to Letchworth Garden City on Sunday.

Results, Datchworth Blue 29 WGC Lions 37: D Jackson, S Arnold & L Parsley 13 J Gibbs, T Seeby & C Avery 18; A Phillips, D Henley & P Hills 16 G Beaumont, D Gilbert & R Avery 19.
Datchworth Yellow 30 North Mymms 23: D Castle, R Harper & S Chamberlain 18 I O’Brian, R Mathews &  K O’Brian 8; J Harper, T Metcalf & I Green 12 V Atkinson, I Hulley & T Atkinson 15.
Datchworth Gold 30 Welwyn Bucks 22: P Berry, R Harper & I Williams 18 L Tye, J Summerfield & C Read 8; B Edwards, T Metcalf & S Chamberlain 12 K Phillips, I Kilford & M Reeve 14.
Datchworth Green 34 BSP 29: R Jones, J Oliver & R Hazeu 22 K Hennessey, B Reeves & G Smith 13; D Jackson, G Akers & M Mahoney 12 T Barber, B Clark & D Miller 16.
Datchworth Blue 48 Bishop’s Stortford Ospreys 26: P Hills, S Arnold & P Hills 19 M Foster, R Foster & B Bennett 14; D Jackson, M Mahoney & D Henley 19 C Ball, D Hinge & K Tyrrell 12.
Datchworth Yellow 24 Shire Park Yellow 39: J Holzbauer, P Holzbauer & I Williams 17 E Williams, D Williams & G Edwards 16; N Berry, P Berry & R Harper 7 I Handley, E Woolcock & B Draycott 23.
Datchworth 89 Howard Garden 59: G Campbell & S Arnold 19 T O’Shaughnessy & C Gee 5; G Akers & D Henley 29 S Zwirner & R McCrimmon 18; R Hazeu & L Parsley 25 D Gant & G Liddle 9; D Jackson & J Smith 16 J Hayzeldean & K Ryall 17.
Datchworth 43 Rosedale 43: D Jackson, B Edwards, S Arnold & D Henley 18 D Earl, P Pinnington, R Passingham & J Bishop 19; M Mahoney, J Oliver, S Chamberlain & P Hills 25 J Djouma, I Bishop, B Haydon & F Cable 24 (extra end).
Datchworth 40 Letchworth Garden City 57: S Ellis,  J Holzbauer, S Chamberlain & I Williams 11 J Rogan, D Collier, B Hart & T Sinclair 18; B Williams, P Whybrow, I Tyler & S Arnold 20 S Sinclair, B Rogan, D Haggar & H Castle 10; M Blunt, J Ellis, T Metcalf & R Harper 9 C Ottaway, D Sims, C Ottaway & B Bargery 29.