Stevenage two goal Crawley hero Alex Revell: There's a real togetherness at Boro

PUBLISHED: 16:50 13 August 2018 | UPDATED: 16:50 13 August 2018

Alex Revell of Stevenage. Picture: DANNY LOO

Alex Revell of Stevenage. Picture: DANNY LOO

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Stevenage's two goal hero at Crawley, Alex Revell has been reflecting on Boro's excellent 3-1 win at Broadfield Stadium on Saturday. Read on for what he told CometSport.

Alex Revell in action against Portsmouth (pic Danny Loo)Alex Revell in action against Portsmouth (pic Danny Loo)

Alex Revell first maximum points of the season, did you enjoy that one?

Yeah, we made it a bit difficult for ourselves in the first half I think we couldn’t quite get going for whatever reason but as you know in football as long as you’re still in the game, you can change. We knew we had a few more gears to give and I think in the second half apart from the goal, we probably could have scored a lot more and we could finish the game happy.

I think the team involved and everyone that came on showed a real togetherness and what we’re going to be about this year.

It’s a great start for us, last week we were disappointed to be 2-0 up and to draw the game, we’ve bounced back, worked very hard this week and the proofs in the pudding.

The first half was scrappy – you ended up playing in several positions during the course of it?

Sometimes in this league you have to get through those little times and the important thing was to come in still in the game, you know 0-0 away from home at half time, I’ll take that all season and then in the second half we can go on, as long as we do what we did in the second half.

This is a difficult place to come I think, a lot of teams will struggle here, they’ll want to keep the ball and we frustrated them first half, obviously we could be better on the ball, we’re still learning and we’ve got a lot of new players, you know Newt’s coming back in today and there’s a different formation. I think half time we regrouped and said what we needed to say and came out and I think we showed everybody what we’re about.

You got the first goal and went one up but Crawley didn’t let you lie on that one and came back at you.

That shows a real resilience that we’ve got in the team, I think the goal was just that sometimes you can’t do anything, it was a great ball and a great header. Sometimes you just have to regroup and we’ll look back at it and see where we could have maybe done better but the most important thing and one thing that I think that last year we would’ve gone on to lose the game, this year that’s not going to happen we don’t sit back now, the way we reacted was for everyone to see was a massive massive positive.

People that traveled down to support us that was for them, that kind of comeback to hopefully try and get people back on Saturday with the atmosphere going at home and make that a kind of fortress for us for the rest of the season.

Talk us through that last seven or eight minutes, the Alex Revell show...

Listen it was everybody, you’ve got Ronnie [Henry] playing at left back who i thought was magnificent, Luther [Wildin] was outstanding – he’s proved what potential he has. Everybody has. It’s not just I was lucky – it was a great ball from Reid and I managed to get my head on it and then James Ferry came on who again was magnificent when he came on, he put me in for the second.

I think sometimes when you’ve already scored it takes the pressure off and you can just relax and finish it. I was delighted for myself, it’s a nice start, I probably should’ve scored last week so this week it was a matter of getting the chances and taking them and that’s what I did.

It’s not just about that, it’s the way we saw the game out, we worked and everybody worked so hard, the two centre halves, everybody. You know, we go again, we’ve got a nice game on Tuesday away to test us against a better opposition, it’s a nice start, four points we would’ve taken that to be honest with you so we now have to go again.

You must have enjoyed those goal celebrations, the whole team joining in with the fans as well it was a great sight from where we were...

If i’m honest there’s no better feeling, I’ve got two kids and my wife might say a little something about that but no, it is a great feeling we were really together, we’ve had a lot of new faces, the manager’s made it and the chairman to go and get the people that we’ve got I think it’s sent out a statement this year I really do.

Like I said we were really disappointed to get a draw last week and today we all celebrated together, we’re all in it together, the boys who haven’t traveled you know Kenners had a baby this week, Newts [Danny Newton] had a baby last week, listen we’re all together and it’s great.

You look at the squad now and you think I’ve got to perform every week and that’s a great thing to have, so we are really together, I think the whole towns together if i’m honest, it was a great turn out last week and we want to celebrate like that every week, you know they pay good money to come and watch us and we all want to reward them and I think today was great, the feeling of winning in the last five minutes with everyone together puts away the frustration of last week.

It just proves that everyone’s in it together and we can do it for the town and families, we’re all in it and we’ve all got a purpose now.

You probably won’t thank me for saying it but at 35 years of age does it get any harder for you? You were running around and chasing down – that was some performance for someone 20 years younger than yourself let alone a 35-year-old?

I like to work hard, i think that in football you can’t not work hard and it’s something that I get enjoyment out of, in my head I will never ever give anyone an excuse that age means you cant do it. So that will never be an excuse that they can give to me.

When someone says to me look you can’t trap a bag of sand, you cant score a goal, then i’ll say right its time, but i’ll never use that excuse, it’s a pleasure to do what I do and hopefully we can add a bit of experience to show the young ones how you can keep going and what it takes to keep going.

I love it, I love every minute, I don’t enjoy missing chances sometimes and losing I like to win and like I say to finish today wining as a group with everyone in the end attacking there’s no better feeling and we want to do that more this year.

With thanks to Rosie Tudball for the transcription

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