Royston Crow Youth League Results

PUBLISHED: 17:49 13 February 2006 | UPDATED: 09:37 06 May 2010

Results - 12th February 2006 Under 10 Division A Buntingford A 0-3 Broadhall A Royston Celtic A 1-3 Bishop s Stortford Swifts A Stevenage Borough 5-1 Wymondley Park Under 10 Division B Buntingford B 2-3 Broadhall B Royston Celtic B 4-1 Bishop s Stortfo

Results - 12th February 2006

Under 10 Division A

Buntingford A 0-3 Broadhall A

Royston Celtic A 1-3 Bishop's Stortford Swifts A

Stevenage Borough 5-1 Wymondley Park

Under 10 Division B

Buntingford B 2-3 Broadhall B

Royston Celtic B 4-1 Bishop's Stortford Swifts B

Stevenage Borough 4-0 Wymondley Park

Under 10 - Division C

Buntingford Cougars 0-6 HC Cougars

Bennington Youth 1-7 Albion Youth

Under 11 - League Cup - Quarter Final

St Neots Town Boys 5-1 Pin Green Juniors

Under 11 - Division 1

Baldock Town Youth Templars p-p Austen Arrowheads A

Buntingford Cougars 0-8 Bishops Stortford Youth

Wymondley Park 11-2 Stotfold Juniors

Under 11 - Division 2

Ashwell Academicals 2-2 Broadhall Youth

Bedwell Rangers A 4-0 Baldock Town Youth Crusaders

Bishops Stortford Athletic 1-4 Bassingbourn Youth

Potton Colts 6-3 Royston Town Colts A

Sawbridgeworth Juniors Reds p-p Letchworth GCE Reds

Under 11 - Division 3

Arlesey Town Youth 0-6 Fairlands Youth

Hormead Hares p-p Potton Colts Whites

Letchworth GCE Blues 1-6 Bishops Stortford Rovers

Pin Green Juniors p-p Hitchin Town Youth

Sandy Colts 6-1 Stevenage Boro Junior Blues

Symonds Green 7-1 Shefford Saint Whites

Under 11 - Division 4

Baldock Town Youth Knights p-p Stevenage Boro Junior Reds

Bishops Stortford Ath Youth 9-1 Symonds Green Minor

Bishops Stortford Rangers 5-1 Stevenage Colts

FC Comet v Letchworth GCE Whites

Sawbridgeworth Juniors Blues 8-1 Stansted Juniors

Under 12 - Division 1

Baldock Town Youth Templars 1-4 Buntingford Cougars Blues

Bishops Stortford Youth 1-4 Fairlands Youth Blues

Knebworth Youth 2-0 Letchworth GCE Reds

Letchworth GCE Blues 4-1 Royston Town Colts

Wymondley Park 5-2 Stevenage Boro Junior Reds

Under 12 - Division 2

Bishops Stortford Athletic 3-2 Fairlands Youth Whites

Hitchin Town Youth p-p Biggleswade Town Youth

Royston Celtic Whites p-p Shefford Saints

Stotfold Juniors p-p St Neots Town Boys

Wymondley Park Wanderers 5-0 Sawbridgeworth Town Jnr Reds

Under 12 - Division 3

Baldock Town Youth Knights 2-2 Letchworth GCE Yellows

Bedwell Rangers Bombers p-p Pin Green Juniors

Bishops Stortford Northolt 0-6 Potton Colts

Sandy Colts 2-2 Herts Rangers

Symonds Green 4-4 Letchworth GCE Whites

Under 12 - Division 4

Albion Youth 3-1 Stevenage Colts

Austen Arrowheads p-p Hormead Hares

Buntingford Cougars White 4-3 Baldock Town Youth Lancers

Hatfield Youth p-p Arlesey Town Youth

Stansted Juniors 2-0 Weston Youth

Stevenage Boro Junior Stripes 1-7 Bishops Stortford Rangers

Stevenage Boro Junior Tigers 1-0 Royston Celtic Greens

Under 13 - Division 1

Apollo FC p-p Wymondley Park

Bishops Stortford Athletic 0-2 Benington Youth

Potton Colts Blues 3-2 Baldock Town Youth Templars

Under 13 - Division 2

Arlesey Town Youth Blues p-p Sawbridgeworth Juniors Reds

Austen Arrowheads 2-10 Pin Green Juniors

Bedwell Rangers 0-4 Stevenage Town Youth

Knebworth Youth p-p Saturn

Under 13 - Division 3

Ashwell Academicals 1-4 Baldock Town Youth Crusaders

Broadhall Youth 3-1 Pin Green Blues

Fairlands Youth Blues 0-1 Royston Town Colts A

Hormead Hares 3-3 Stevenage Boro Juniors

Shefford Saints 7-1 Stevenage Rangers

Under 13 - Division 4

Eternit Colts 0-1 Baldock Town Youth Knights

Letchworth GCE Reds 2-3 Wymondley Park Wanderers

Potton Colts Whites 11-1 Hatfield Town

Under 14 - Division 1

Austen Arrowheads 0-8 Harlow Town Youth

Baldock Town Youth Knights 7-0 Royston Town Colts

Bishops Stortford Youth p-p Knebworth Youth

Harlow Town Rangers 4-2 Hitchin Town Youth

Letchworth GCE Royals p-p Royston Celtic

Under 14 - Division 2

Bedwell Rangers 1-0 Baldock Town Youth Crusaders

Biggleswade Town Youth 1-1 Sawbridgeworth Town Juniors

Buntingford Cougars p-p Bishops Stortford Jets

Stansted Juniors p-p Stevenage Colts

Under 14 - Division 3

Albion Youth v Baldock TY Lancers

Benington Youth 0-5 Trident F C B

Fairlands Youth 1-8 Trident F C A

Stotfold Juniors 2-1 LGCE Juniors

Under 15 - Division 1

Arlesey Town Youth 4-2 Knebworth Youth

Bishops Stortford Northolt 7-0 Baldock Town Youth Templars

Potton Colts 2-0 Austen Arrowheads

Royston Town Colts 3-3 Wymondley Park

Stevenage Boro Junior Reds 6-0 Harlow Town Youth Reds

Under 15 - Division 2

Dunton 2-1 Broadhall Youth (aban 78 mins)

Harlow Town Youth p-p Bedwell Rangers Blues

Hormead Hares 0-4 Stevenage Boro Junior Blues

Letchworth GCE Yellows p-p Sawbridgeworth Town

Sandy Colts 0-3 Buntingford Cougars

Stevenage Colts p-p Stotfold Juniors

Symonds Green 1-1 Elsenham Youth

Under 16 - League Cup

Sandy Colts 0-4 Biggleswade Town

Under 16 - Division 1

Letchworth GCE Yellows p-p Bishops Stortford Swifts

Royston Town Colts p-p Benington Youth

Stansted Juniors p-p Baldock Town Youth Templars

Under 16 - Division 2

Bishops Stortford Youth 2-0 Stotfold Juniors

Broadhall Youth 5-0 Stevenage Boro Reds

Buntingford Cougars A 1-2 Bishop's Stortford Northolt

Buntingford Cougars B p-p Letchworth GCE Blues

Harlow Town p-p Wymondley Park

Under 17 - Division 1

Arlesey Town Youth 2-3 Bassingbourn Youth

Baldock Town Youth Crusaders p-p Bedwell Rangers Reds

Bishops Stortford Northolt 6-1 Wymondley Park

Sawbridgeworth Town Juniors 3-2 Risden Wood

Under 18 - Division 1

Bishops Stortford Northolt p-p Stansted Juniors

Potton Colts Blues p-p Bishops Stortford Youth

Stevenage Boro Juniors 1-5 Austen Arrowheads

Stotfold Juniors p-p Ende Dynamos

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