Boxing night at Hitchin Town Hall a big success

Tirrell Promotions' boxing night at Hitchin Town Hall. Picture: supplied

Tirrell Promotions' boxing night at Hitchin Town Hall. Picture: supplied - Credit: Archant

Tirrell Promotions hosted a knock-out event at Hitchin Town Hall on Saturday night when more than 300 people gathered to watch 10 fights of mixed level boxing.

Hitchin’s No Mercy Gym - which runs under Elite Fitness - brought together 20 talented boxers in a professional-sized ring in the hall.

James Tirrell, a Saracens Academy coach who organised the event with his brother Graham, said: “We want to give people the opportunity to fight locally.”

He explained the importance of discipline, saying: “You can’t get in here and start swinging punches. You’ve got to eat right, do the training and when you’re in the ring you have to respect your opponent and respect yourself.”

James described the amount of preparation that goes in beforehand - with a doctor, ambulance and two paramedics, it’s clear Tirrell Promotions take pride and precautions in their shows. This includes the doctor checking each boxer’s health before and after their fight.

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He laughs: “Yeah they might have a bloody nose but they come away happy and healthy.”

Mo Halloway, 27, from Luton, won the sixth fight after a close score of 28-27 against Liam Fitts.

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His advice for aspiring boxers is: “Take it easy, don’t rush yourself into it, and start training well. Keep yourself fit and your mindset must be in the right place.”

As he unwraps his wrist tape, he adds: “If you have a strong heart and a strong mind, you’re good to go.”

Harrison Hodgeson, 27, is a bricklayer from Letchworth who won the cruiserweight belt with impressive skill. He started boxing for charity in 2015 and finds it a great alternative to going to the pub with his friends each night.

He said: “I’m quite a lively person; I’ve always got to be doing something, whether it’s boxing, weights or motocross, to fill the gap.”

He explains that through time and experience, he has learnt to channel his ability to box in purely a professional way adding: “Setting yourself on the main purpose, the main goal, not letting anything stop you.”

Tirrell Promotions hope to hold the next event in June and advise men and women who want to try boxing to visit No Mercy Gym for a try out, with a chance to compete in the next event.

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