Stevenage manager Alex Revell has a plan for this summer's transfer window - and it may differ to the one first discussed by his predecessor.

Steve Evans had said after the draw at Charlton Athletic on Easter Monday that initial conversations had been had between himself, chairman Phil Wallace and director of football Leon Hunter.

That was all before Rotherham United came calling and Revell says his own conversations have now begun.

The new Boro boss said: "It's about how we feel and how we want to play. Yes, we don't want to lose our identity but the players that we will potentially be looking at will be slightly different maybe than what they were before. 

"We have to put our own stamp on that and I have to make sure that this team reflects what I want, within the remit of what we look like as a club. 

"That's really important for me. 

"I'm going to spend time with Leon, and Neil [Banfield] and Scotty [Cuthbert], and we'll work continuously to make sure we bring in those types of people that fit how we play and our identity. 

"We know next year is probably [going to be] one of the hardest League Ones for a very long time, especially with some of the teams in there. 

"But we've got a fantastic foundation that has been laid this year, and we just have to add that little bit that we feel we can work on and improve. 

"That might just be simple stuff like when we win it, [the quality] of the first pass. 

"Rather than giving it away we want a first pass where we can go and play, or go and score a goal. 

"That’s the road we’re going down now and we just have to make sure that the targets we go for this summer are really focused. 

"Because we have 17 players signed, we don’t have to adopt a scattergun approach. We can really be focused on the right targets - these are the ones that we really want to speak to and these are the ones we really want to take. 

"We will be looking at the squad from now on to make sure that we're stronger, we have to be stronger.  

"What we can't do this year is bring anyone that's doesn't make us stronger."

And tactically Revell says there will be changes too, if not massively from the previous blueprint.

He added: "People have to see something different, we can’t just keep doing the same thing. 

"There are a lot of younger managers out there now in League One and the football you see has become a little more chess like. 

"It might not be two up front this year, we might have to look at that and look at how we can win more games. 

"Ultimately we have to have something different about us. We're not Derby or Portsmouth or Huddersfield or Birmingham. We are Stevenage. 

"We are where we are and we have to get the very best out of these players every day. We have to get them ready to go and perform. 

"And we'll be picking different shapes to make sure that we win games. 

"That'll be our thinking for recruitment, to be adaptable, and all through preseason we’ll be laying the foundations of how we work."

The EFL have announced that the summer transfer window will open officially on June 14 and run through to Friday, August 30, at 11pm.

The winter window starts on January 1 and ends on Monday, February 3, at 11pm.