Stevenage have announced their released and retained list at the end of the 2023-2024 season - and it will be practically be as you were at the Lamex.

Only two players are definitely leaving, Harry Anderson and Theo Alexandrou, while Alex MacDonald and Kane Hemmings are still in discussions with the club.

In total though 17 players are still under contract at Boro and are scheduled, at the moment at least, to start the next season.

The list also includes four scholars. They are Owen Cochrane, David Hicks, Rylee Mitchell and Harrison Smith.

The club added to their statement, thanking those who have left and wishing them "the best of luck for the future".

Stevenage FC - released and retained list 2024

Under contract

Taye Ashby-Hammond
Dan Butler
Jake Forster-Caskey
Nick Freeman
Elliott List
Carl Piergianni
Aaron Pressley
Jamie Reid
Jordan Roberts
Kane Smith
Dan Sweeney
Ben Thompson
Louis Thompson
Nathan Thompson
Terence Vancooten
Luther Wildin
Harvey White

Still in talks with the club but not signed yet

Kane Hemmings
Alex MacDonald


Theo Alexandrou
Harry Anderson

Junior pros under contract

Owen Cochrane
David Hicks
Rylee Mitchell
Harrison Smith