Stevenage have received more emailed apologies from the EFL and the PGMOL over refereeing decisions this week - but manager Steve Evans says they will pale into insignificance if the team can produce better performances.

The latest two decisions to warrant contact from the authorities were the League One game against Peterborough United and the FA Cup draw with Port Vale on Saturday.

The latter was a penalty kick awarded against Boro which brought Vale level and sent the tie to a replay on Tuesday.

It also had watching officials from the PGMOL throwing their hands up in despair but Evans knows his side could have been better prepared for the game mentally.

The Boro boss said: "We learnt that when you don't mentally prepare for a game, then most times, your performance is not going to be right for long periods. 

"It's then very difficult for those players to suddenly go from not being fully prepared and charged and ready to beat a good Port Vale side. 

"It took the changes in personnel and the change in the system to completely put that into our favour. 

"We should still win the game but we have a penalty given against us that’s laughable. We’ve had the apology from the PGMOL and they [simply said] it's a good challenge, it's not a questionable challenge. 

"I think there was a real criticism of the referee involved from their point of view, but that's their business now. 

"And even as far back as a week on Tuesday, when we played Peterborough, their second goal is offside. 

"We saw the evidence on the video and we’ve had the EFL were quick to email us and say it was offside for the Peterborough goal and no penalty against Port Vale. 

"But as much as I say we can blame officials, and we’ve probably got more cause than anyone to be shaking our heads at what we've had to endure this season, but forget that, if your players do enough and the staff do enough, then you win football matches. 

"We’re a collective and so it is our job to make sure that every game we face that, the 11 or 18-man squad is mentally ready for the challenge that that lies before us."