Steve Evans will definitely be looking at the table when he gets home from Fleetwood Town but he knows there is still a lot of football to be played.

Stevenage won 3-0 in the first ever meeting between the two sides and with Oxford United and Portsmouth both losing above them, fourth-placed Boro are just three points away from new leaders Bolton Wanderers. 

That is nice for the Boro boss but he is too wily to get carried away.

The Comet: Steve Evans said the win at Fleetwood was a complete away performance. Picture: TGS PHOTOSteve Evans said the win at Fleetwood was a complete away performance. Picture: TGS PHOTO (Image: TGS Photo)

He said: "We’re not going to lie and say we won’t look at the league table. As I’ve always said, those managers who say they don’t, their noses start to grow as soon as they walk away from the press. 

"They are like the Pinocchios of the year.  

"Everyone looks at me tables but what we know is that it is going to be tough to keep winning in League One. 

"It is a league where top beats bottom and bottom beats top. 

"It is really tough so we just have to focus on ourselves. We couldn’t affect anything we did today but on the pitch."

There was plenty to be proud of too after goals from Jamie Reid, Ben Thompson and Elliott List gave them a comprehensive result.

However, the win was built on some solid defensive work as well and the all round effort was what shone for the boss.

He said: "I thought it was a really good away performance. We played some really good football in the first half.  

"If you look at the statistics coming in before the game, they are an injury time goal away from having 10 points out of 12. 

"They've been one of the form teams in the league so everyone would have a concern coming here. 

"We knew we would have to work hard and we freshened it up with some players who did really well for us. 

"We made the substitutions at the right time and I don't really remember them creating a chance where I thought they were going to score a goal. 

"They have had wide free-kicks and corners that they're sticking in and the one thing they were not going to do is out muscle us or bully us. 

"Our big boys stood strong and got blocks in that were important but as soon as the second goal went in,  I felt the game was won.

"It was ever so pleasing to see Ben Thompson score it. He's trained really well in the week and there was a big decision whether we put him in. 

"But he had a really positive performance."

Evans also revealed that the week had not been great in terms of preparation, injuries or logistics.

He said: "Jamie Reid was probably the closest to missing out but both he and Jordan Roberts have done a warm-up since last Saturday,  

"That’s all they have done is warm up with the team on Thursday. 

"We travelled [on Friday] and our team coach broke down and we had all sorts of issues. 

"We used the experience of Revs and Raynes and spoke to Preston and they organised some indoor training so we were still able to get the legs moving. 

"But when you consider all those factors and that three of the strikers haven't been on the training ground this week, it demonstrates the efforts they have given to the cause. 

"I thought Kane Hemmings led the line in an absolutely outstanding fashion. 

"For me he was our best player."