Stevenage will give late assessments to three of their strikers before they travel to Fleetwood Town - but if they don't go to the Lancashire coast, then that just opens the doors up for others says manager Steve Evans.

Jamie Reid, Jordan Roberts and Kane Hemmings are all carrying little knocks which, while not serious, could see them need to miss at least the League One game on Saturday.

The boss though is not overly worried and points to the strength of the squad these days as the reason why.

Evans said: "We’ve got a few issues this week. Nothing that's rocket science, nothing that’s major but our strikers are an area of concern, in terms of Jamie Reid, Jordan Roberts and Kane Hemmings.

"They are all struggling with little niggles but we hope to have them on the grass and if they're on the grass [on Thursday] they travel. 

"If they’re not, then they don't travel. 

"But that’s why we have a good squad. We're hopeful they're out there today and I'm hopeful they'll be available for selection but if they're not, we have the likes of Aaron Pressley and we have Charlie McNeil and we have Elliott List. 

"We certainly have good options. 

"We're blessed that we that we got a lot of the recruitment right back in the summer. 

"Leon Hunter has done a great job in getting the players that I identified after many consultations with him, the chairman and the staff." 

And the boss says this is now the time, not just for those forwards who have been on the fringes in recent weeks but others in the squad, to stand up and be counted.

Evans added: "What we're trying to impress on the players now is that we need everyone to be playing a part as we go forward into, through and over the holiday period because then the January window opens for us to be able to go and enhance and strengthen the group if we see fit. 

"We need to make sure that we are saying ourselves it will be very difficult to go and find better options than what we've got. 

"It’s a big opportunity for the likes of Elliott and Aaron and Charlie to step up, [especially] if one or two people are going to be missing for a few days."