Stevenage manager Steve Evans has escaped any punishment for comments made after the draw at Bristol Rovers - with one PGMOL chief admitting the home equaliser should have been flagged as offside.

The Boro boss claimed immediately after the game that Chris Martin's goal in the 1-1 draw should not have stood, saying John Marquis had come from an offside position to rob Dan Butler of the ball and leave it for his fellow striker.

Video evidence agreed he had a case and so too now have the top brass.

Evans said: "From a neutral point of view or a distant point of view I suppose you could think they were controversial, but we're only speaking about bad decisions. 

"I've had an e-mail this morning as I've walked in from Mike Jones, one of the head guys at the PGMOL and he says it’s offside. 

"That's nothing that we didn't know from looking at the footage but experience has told me that as much as I can get up and raise my arms, I know that when I look at it back that the television doesn't lie.  

"It’s black and white, it’s offside, and it isn’t even just offside, this is in the words of the head of referees seven or eight yards offside.  

"This is not even remotely close and that's my point about the match referee also. 

"If, like we see in the Premier League with VAR showing it is half a finger or half a toe offside, then the referee can’t be in a position whatsoever to make a decision, it has to come from the assistant. 

"But when it is eight yards and the assistant messes up, the referee should deal with it and he should see it. 

"It's become the norm and people can phone the PGMOL and ask but we are the number one club for the most apologies for the most emails in the entire Football League. 

"And when you’ve played as well as we've done in certain games, it’s quite hard to take having points taken away from you. 

"But that's what it has cost us." 

The boss though is aware there needs to be a little step up in performance at times from his charges, with the stats showing just one League One win in seven games.

But taking into account some external factors, he feels the confidence is begin to really flow as they head to the end of a tough month.

"We've had a couple of poor performances in that spell as well," said Evans.

"We said when we went to Blackpool that as much as it is a game changer when Jamie Reed scores a perfectly good goal to be taken away by a flag, the bottom line is we were poor and well beaten on the day. 

"There was no severe criticism of the referee, the assistant should have dealt with it. 

"The difference is the one at Blackpool is half a yard whereas at Bristol, it's seven or eight yards. 

"In the main we've returned to playing a lot better. We kept the ball a lot better the other night and we made more chances in 90 minutes than we’ve made in probably two or three other games. 

"There was every bit of confidence coming back on the coach on Tuesday because we know we should have come back with a 1-0 victory but we got that taken away from us."