Phil Wallace has promised a five-year ban for any Stevenage fan found to have thrown a flare at their games.

Boro's two away games have seen pyrotechnics thrown from the stands in the direction of the pitch and it has led to another FA investigation letter sent to the club.

Speaking on the club website, the Stevenage chairman said: "Whatever these people think they’re doing setting off flares in a crowded area, apart from causing severe discomfort to fans close by, they are seriously damaging our club.

"Flares can be dangerous. They are banned from stadiums for a reason.

"We will make a point of using our upgraded CCTV cameras to pinpoint and identify anyone setting off a flare or pyrotechnic device.

"At the Lamex Stadium, we can zoom in and identify anyone that sets off a flare or pyrotechnic device.

"We will then ban that individual from our stadium for five years. There will be no second chances.

Our CCTV extends to every area of our stadium, and if anyone sets off a pyrotechnic at the Lamex Stadium, we will seek to identify you and ban you for five years.

"We will also pass the CCTV evidence to the police with a recommendation to prosecute.

"If we find anyone trying to enter the stadium with a pyrotechnic device, we will ban you for five years.

"This will apply to any match at the Lamex Stadium or any away game we play in which the club can identify the offender.

"I’m aware this is the action of just a few people, and I urge any fans who witness this, or can identify the person who set off a flare at Northampton or Cambridge, to contact us immediately.

"We need to act before someone is seriously hurt."