Stevenage have been hit by a four-figure fine after a so-called fan ran onto the pitch against Bradford City in February - making a beeline for the Bantams' Andy Cook.

The incident happened towards the end of the League Two game at the Lamex Stadium, with an independent regulatory commission imposing a fine of £7,500.

The report said: "Stevenage FC admitted failing to ensure that its spectators and/or its supporters – and anyone purporting to be its supporters or followers – conducted themselves in an orderly fashion, and do not behave in a way which is improper, threatening or provocative; and/or encroach on to the pitch or commit any form of pitch incursion."

They said the fan, who was 14, "ran towards the match referee but then ran past the referee towards Bradford player Andy Cook and attempted to assault him.

"That supporter only failed to have direct physical contact with Andy Cook because a Stevenage player physically protected Andy Cook by shielding him from physical contact with the supporter.

"Players from both teams got hold of the supporter and tried ushering him away."

It went on to say that "a radio message from Liam Warren, the Stevenage safety officer, to say a supporter was on the pitch" was met with the response "which location".

Warren was one of the stewards who approached the supporter after he re-entered the stands, identifying him to police who then "apprehended that supporter and ejected him from the ground".

The report added: "The Stevenage safety officer was not happy at the lack of response from stewarding staff and upon a post-incident investigation with the Stevenage stewarding supplier, the stated reason for there being no initial reaction from stewarding staff in the stand was that the stewards ordinarily stewarded stadia where there is a dedicated 'pitch invasion team' for such eventualities.

"Stevenage had no such team [but] following various post-incident discussions, Stevenage will now have a dedicated PIT present and available pitch side at every home match."

The offending supporter has been banned from attending the Lamex for a period of three years.