As Dean Campbell's drive nestled in the back of the net, two rows in front of me Dean Thompson stood out and raised his hands above his head.

A second or so later they were on his head as the enormity of what had just happened seems to hit him, at least briefly.

He turned to look at Alfie Dinsey and Aaron Tebbutt, the two Boro media guys, who likewise were on their feet with looks of disbelief across their faces.

To Deano's right, BBC Three Counties Radio colleague Steve Watkins remained seated but was no doubt halfway through 200 words of sumptuous prose, exuding delight with every single one of them.

Over on the far side of the ground the seething mass of Stevenage fans were probably using just three to describe their delight.

Me? I just smiled. You see I'm not a Stevenage fan, this didn't register with me on an emotional level as it did these guys and you lot reading this.

The smile though was genuine because I am a football fan and if you are, then something like that will always make you grin.

We love the underdog in this country and we love nothing more than seeing the underdog triumph. An FA Cup shock is the epitome of that love.

And don't tell me that I'm in the minority. I knew all the winners through the 80s and even most of the 90s but from then on, I'm not sure. Liverpool won some, Arsenal won some, meh.

However, I know fine well Sutton United beat Coventry in 1989, Tottenham lost to Port Vale in 88, Lincoln went on a storming run, Chesterfield and Wycombe Wanderers both made the semis.

The cup upset is part of football, part of the tapestry of our lives. Seeing it first hand, seeing the joy it brought to thousands. That makes you smile.

There was another reason for the smile. I've been covering Stevenage properly for the last couple of years and let's face it, they haven't exactly been the wonder years have they?

I've said this before, but being given the Stevenage gig in 2020 felt like being given the black spot, felt like there would be a unworldly beast hot on my tail for the rest of eternity.

Therefore this season has been an utter joy. You wake up on a Saturday morning and instead of thinking 'urgh, I have to go to Boro today' there's suddenly a spring in your step.

And that's just me. I know the feeling is 1,000 times more for you lot.

So this felt like the cherry on top of the cake and we're not done either, an even bigger celebration could come in May.

Should that happen or should Stevenage beat Stoke in round four, then as you're celebrating look in the press box, look to the faces of the Steve, Dean, Alfie and Aaron. Look at their delight and then look at me.

Trust me, I'll be smiling again.