I'm feeling guilty alright? I didn't write anywhere near as many updates as I usual do on the live blog so I feel like I've short changed you all.

Well, that and Stevenage's game at Grimsby Town threw up a couple of interesting pieces of food for thought.

So this column will look at those, what did I notice from the draw at Blundell Park?


1.Goalkeeper is the loneliest position

Who'd be a goalkeeper? You make a save, it is almost expected. You make an error and it's nothing but furious anger.

The latter was certainly true at the end. Taye Ashby-Hammond apparently called for Luke Norris to leave it, which the forward duly did instead of "putting it into the sea" as he was about to do said Steve Evans.

Niall Maher nipped in and prodded it home and the boss was a little bit miffed shall we say.

Thing is, penalty save aside, Taye didn't have the best of afternoons.

He gave away said spot-kick and one sliced clearance in the first half should have ended with Adam Smith sending the ball back beyond him.

His distribution wasn't the greatest either, putting his defenders under undue pressure.

In normal circumstances I would perhaps be asking if Aaron Chapman would be considered for the next game but as they are two cup games, the Rotherham lad will probably get the nod anyway.

Shine though and it would not be a surprise to see him keep his place for the visit of Barrow.


2.The trials and tribulations of being a referee

Who'd be a referee too? Poor Tom Reeves was booed off at half-time by the home support, booed back on at the start of the second half and booed off again at full-time.

And I thought he was excellent, probably the best official I've seen all season.

Referees are in a no-win situation. If they don't give the decisions exactly the way someone wants, then they're rubbish and are having a terrible game.

Don't get me wrong, some do have bad days at the office but then I don't spell everything right first-time in my on-the-whistle match report so I'm hardly in a position to cast the first stone.

The Grimsby fans were on his back from the start and at the end the BBC Humberside commentators were less than complimentary.

But what I loved was he kept the play going most of the time and there were some meaty challenges flying in from both sides.

When he had to blow the whistle, he did so consistently and even though I disagreed with the booking of Kieran Green in the first half, a similar foul in the second half, in almost the exact position too, brought a yellow card for Saxon Earley.

Again, that consistency that some bang on about.

He also was not fooled by the slightest touch-player goes down trait that is in the modern game.

He can come again.


3.Football is a game of opinions

Never a truer word has been said.

I've always been quite proud that my match report from a game, finished and put online minutes after the final whistle and before speaking to anyone, more often than not reflected the thoughts of those involved.

Nine times out of 10, what I said was generally repeated in some shape or form.

Saturday was a game, however, where my opinion was in contrast to that of Steve Evans.

He felt Stevenage had bossed the game and should have taken the three points.

I felt for all their possession, they were quite wasteful with it and never put Grimsby under enough pressure in the final third and you couldn't totally begrudge the Mariners their point.

Doesn't mean either opinion is wrong, doesn't mean either opinion is right either because the only person who is ever right 100 per cent of the time is your mam (and not our lass as she keeps telling me).

I love it when someone does disagree because it makes me think a bit more about things.

Always learning.


4.Set-piece travails

At the very start of the season I said that set-pieces, corners and free-kicks, looked like they could be a huge bonus for Stevenage.

The prowess of Carl Piergianni and Dan Sweeney in the air meant that every time the ball was slung into the middle, you felt there would be a goal, or at the very least, an effort on target.

That hasn't happened anywhere near as much as I wanted but a large chunk of that is down to the way the opposition has marshalled the pair.

Sometimes they are marked by two and even three defenders and so even if they get a sniff of the target, it is rarely a trouble-free chance.

That's why I'd like to see the odd bit of variation. It shouldn't be every time, people need to believed that Stevenage's primary weapon is the dynamic duo.

But there are enough players out there in red and black who are more than competent at heading the ball.

Get the delivery right (another thing that hasn't always been the best it could be) and you still carry a threat.


5.Arsenal selection

Aside from the goalkeeper situation, Tuesday's starting 11 will be interesting.

David Amoo and Jamie Reid both threw their cap into the ring with their cameos on Saturday and Jordan Roberts is back from suspension. He owes Boro for his act of stupidity at Gateshead says the boss.

Michael Bostwick, Kane Smith and Jake Taylor are all not yet at full fitness but maybe in and around the squad while Dean Campbell and Arthur Read will be looking at the game as another potential opportunity to gain a more regular starting spot.

The squad may be small but the options are there, as is the ability to change formation to suit.

At home to a young side, regardless of who may be selected for the opposition, has to be a game you expect to win.

Prize money is growing and Wembley is getting nearer.