There was yet another prize for a young teen badminton player to hoist - despite tackling opponents much older and experienced.

Saghana Thayaparan, who goes to Hitchin Girls' School, was in the Herts Restricted tournament, playing in the Year 13 & below category at Stevenage Leisure Centre.

And although she is just 13-years-old, with the majority of the rest of the field were five years older, she stormed to first place in the singles event.

Thayaparan overcame four players in her group to advance to the quarter-finals were she drew and beat Ana Chatoo from Watford, winning 21-13.

Katie Savage from Hatfield was her semi-final opponent but she was beaten 21-14 and Anna Stewart of Welwyn managed to take one more point off her in the final, but that just meant a 21-15 success for the Hitchin star.

Saghana said: "It was a great experience playing players five years above my age and helps me build up to the nationals in December."