Alex Revell says the change of formation is slowly starting to bear fruit after Stevenage's 0-0 draw with Tranmere Rovers extended their better run of form.

The manager has tinkered with the line-up and the personnel over the last month or so but is now happy that he has a settled way of playing and training.

He said: "At the start of the season we were very much planning to be a 4-3-3 team but for that to work you have to have certain players in certain positions and we weren’t quite as good in those areas as we wanted to be.

"We’ve got players who want to create, get on the half turn and slide others in.

"We were missing that one centre-forward who can hold the ball up but we have that now in Luke Norris.

"It is a system that Dean [Wilkins], Mark [Sampson] and myself have all played so it is good that we have all experienced it.

"Dean has come in and really improved the technical aspect of the players and you can see that in games.

"If we keep doing that, with the formation and the way that we work, we will really improve."

The game with Tranmere pitted them against another side who have changed their style and it led to both teams cancelling each other out.

It did provide another teachable moment though for the Boro side.

Revell said: "We are two teams that have reinvented themselves. They are 4-3-3 after playing in a diamond for so long and we’ve changed the way we’re playing.

"This was a physical challenge. [Some of our players] probably haven’t had that type of game in their careers.

"They have to keep learning and from the way they are playing and in training, we can see an improvement in them."