Alex Revell was left disappointed by Stevenage's inability to turn a dominant first half into a dominant full game and positive result at home to Port Vale.

The Valiants had taken the lead against the run of play with Devante Rodney's goal but although Luke Norris soon equalised with a thumping free-kick, Boro were unable to carry on their effort after the break and the game ended in a 1-1 draw.

And while the Stevenage manager was happy to take a point, he was unhappy with how his side performed after the break.

He said: "We were very dominant in the first half and it was probably one of our better performances despite conceding a very poor goal.

"We created chances, had possession and had some really exciting moments.

"But we let those moments slip away and we turned into a team we are not.

"We are a team that moves the ball and is intense. The minute we go long, we are not that team.

"It’s a big lesson and it’s disappointing really."

In comparison to their 4-1 defeat at Bradford in the week, Boro created plenty in the opening 45 minutes and although the visitors changed their system, Revell believed the buck stops with them.

He said: "We didn’t create enough at Bradford and we want to create more but when you get those moments, you have to be ice, you have to make the right decision.

"You have to be nice and calm and ruthless and we’re not at the moment.

"If you want to win games, you have to take those chances.

"I look at us [not what Port Vale did]. We stopped doing what we did in the first half, we stopped having that courage.

"We have played a lot of games in a short time but we have to have that intensity and if we lose that, it comes down to luck.

"We can’t rely on luck or second balls or set-pieces. In the first half we conceded one free-kick because we had the ball. In the second, we conceded 12 because we didn’t.

"It’s simple really."