Stevenage's players will get the chance to prove themselves to new manager Paul Tisdale despite the lure of a transfer kitty for the January window.

The former MK Dons and Exeter City gaffer took charge of Boro with chairman Phil Wallace promising there would be money available for him to strengthen the squad should he choose to do so.

But for the moment Tisdale will be more than happy to see what the current squad have to offer.

He said: "The transfer process in other clubs will have already started but there’s a month to the start of January and two months until the end of [the window] so there’s a good period where I can make some opinion of how we can take things forward.

"The players all have a chance, a blank canvas to impress.

"I don’t believe there is a lot to tinker with, there is the makings of a good team here.

"I won’t spend money needlessly. It’s great that there are funds available but you have to spend it wisely.

"I won’t be spending it for the sake of it.

Tisdale is also aware that he can't build a clear and accurate picture in his own mind about what and who works and what and who doesn't without first-hand experience, and he revealed his first point of contact were the likes of Robbie O'Keefe and Ron Henry who have worked with the first-team squad after Alex Revell's departure.

"It would be foolish for me not to lean on their experiences," he said, "even if it was just for the last few weeks.

"The first people I spoke to [on Monday] were the coaches, that group of people who have managed the team and I will be looking for them to help me.

"There are some very well-intended people who want the best for Stevenage and I’ll be leaning on them as much as I can."

For the moment though practicality and pragmatism will be the watchwords as he looks to drag Boro away from the relegation scrap.

"If I have the opportunity, then 100 per cent, I will look to play good football," he admitted.

"But the most important thing at the moment is that I can set the players achievable targets and they can go into games knowing they can meet those targets.

"I want to give them a reason to have no performance anxiety so that they can go out and give their all.

"I need a can-do attitude on the pitch and I need that soon. At the minute we need to score more than the opposition, let’s start with a more practical view.

"I’m sure we’re not going to win every single game straight away but in time I’d like to find our way of winning and I’ll build that over time."