Six games now remain for Stevenage but none might be as important as the one just gone - a 2-0 success at Colchester United.

The momentum it could generate will be crucial in the final outcome of the season, with relegation from the Football League still a very real and scary proposition. Results elsewhere couldn't have fallen any better either.

All in all it was a tremendous afternoon's work but just how good were Boro? This is how I rated Steve Evans' men in the League Two clash.

Christy Pym - 7

One shot to stop in the opening stages, few to deal with late on but none of them were really threatening and was assured with everything else.

Luther James-Wildin - 8

Been a shadow of his former self this season but this was a lot more like it. Stronger in defence, he was keen to get forward when he can and encouraged to deliver cross-field balls into the box, as he did for the first goal.

Ben Coker - 7

Been a miss when he was out. Defended well and the experience helps soothe others. Clever but simple return into the mix to set up goal number two.

Scott Cuthbert - 6

Was a driving force beforehand and in the early stages, plenty of talking and pushing his team-mates on. A neck injury slowed him down a bit but he was still an unmoveable obstacle for the Colchester forwards.

Elliott List - 6

Ran his heart out on the right of the attacking trio but never truly affected the game in a way he would have wanted.

Jake Taylor - 7

His goal may have been Jamie Reid's and it had a huge deflection but nobody truly cared. Limped out early and personally I would prefer him further up the field but did a decent job nevertheless.

Luke Norris - 8

Was heading towards a nine until his sending off, even I'll begrudgingly admit that the final tackle was a booking, but the rest of his performance. Strong, held the ball up well, won it in the air plenty of times and was a general thorn in the side of the Colchester defence.

Terence Vancooten - 8

Can almost take what I said for Luther and paste it here. This was much more like it from a player I thought had a chance of being in the PFA League Two team of the year last season. When he's good, he's very good. This was the latter. More please.

Arthur Read - 7

Has certainly made his mark since returning to the side and while there was nothing here that was mindblowing, he won tackles, he played (generally) the right pass and looked good. I'll take that.

Jamie Reid - 7

Recalled to make it a three-pronged strike-force and did alright. Unlucky not to score in the build-up to the opener. Ears will still be ringing though after a verbal destruction from his boss. Came after his stupid booking and was thoroughly deserved.

Michael Bostwick - 6

In the side to do the grunt work, to break-up play and help the defence, and while he did that to a point, he was generally anonymous to me. Still a vital part of the squad mind you.


Did well. Chris Lines looked like he had a point to prove, Bruno Andrade drew praise from his boss and Charlie Carter came on to shore up the shop after the sending off. Job done.


This was unexpected. Before play I had done a predictor, popped in the scores I think will happen from now until the end of the season, and even though I came up with Boro surviving by the skin of their teeth, this one I had down as a defeat.

However, the way the mood change in the two hours from 3pm may be worth even more than the three points.

They now have Rochdale at home and Scunthorpe United away over the Easter weekend, the two games I did see them winning, and they will now approach them on a high.

I've seen too many teams have too many 'this is it' moments to know that they generally get flushed down the pan very quickly but this does feel good.

Survival can at least be in their own hands though which is never a bad thing.