It is going to be another summer of change at Stevenage as manager Steve Evans gets set to wield the axe and revolutionise the playing staff.

We've all been here too many times before of course but it does mean we will be saying goodbye to many of the current crop.

But who stays and who goes? Only the gaffer knows for sure at the moment but this is how I would I deal with each member of the squad.

Christy Pym - go

Just hasn't clicked for me and looked shaky under crosses. Decent enough shot-stopper mind but that doesn't cover the other issues.

Luther James-Wildin - stay

Been a shadow of the player he was last year and before but there were signs after the arrival of Evans of him coming back into some sort of form. Has to continue in that vein though.

Ben Coker - stay

Works as hard as anyone and as the boss has said before, that is half the battle in his eyes. A great character to have around the squad too.

Jake Reeves - stay

There were flashes of something prior to his lengthy run of injuries. If they are behind him in the new campaign, then he would be worth keeping around.

Scott Cuthbert - stay

Becoming Mr Stevenage, if he wasn't already. A fantastic pro who benefits the side in numerous ways, including being a mentor to the younger players. No doubt about keeping him.

Luke Prosser - maybe

If he's happy being considered a back-up then keep him about. Can still produce when it matters but may want one final swansong with regular playing time elsewhere.

Elliott List - go

This will be the controversial one but he hasn't scored since November and hasn't looked like scoring for a while either. One that needs played in a certain position in a certain system and he isn't going to get that under Evans.

Jake Taylor - go

Was outstanding in January but has never lived up to that form since. He's a good player and 'd be happy to see him stay but if you could upgrade then you should.

Luke Norris - stay

Looks as comfortable and as happy as he ever has done at the Lamex. Admits the style of Steve Evans suits him down to the ground and the feeling is mutual from the boss it seems.

Charlie Carter - go

Always felt he is ay his best in a central attacking midfield role and that is not a position that has been available under previous regimes or this one. For that reason, he would probably be better heading off to pastures new. Shame though.

Zain Westbrooke - go

Decent work rate but not enough quality to go with it and judging by the fact he hasn't been in the squad, that is not an opinion disputed by those in management.

Bruno Andrade - go

Has the ability but doesn't produce on anywhere near a consistent enough basis.

Sacha Bastien - go

Never been seen in months which makes this an obvious decision.

Chris Lines - maybe

Would make a superb squad player but isn't going to get a lengthy run in the team and I get the feeling that his demotion to the bench in recent weeks didn't sit well.

Terence Vancooten - stay

Like Luther, he is another that has not reached the heights that his undoubted talent can take him to. Again though, like Luther, has been showing sign in the last few weeks that he is coming back to his best. Has to be kept on.

Ed Upson - go

Not shown anything in the games I've seen to say he can make a difference next season.

James Daly - maybe

Another who has had injury problems this year but was obviously working hard enough in training to be noticed. Needs more goals in his game but that applies to the whole team. Maybe worth persevering with for one more year.

Luke O'Neill - stay

I like him but it would be on a back-up basis only if he stays. I do think though he would fulfil a squad role perfectly.

Arthur Read - stay

Still has to add a more dominant string to his bow, needs to take control in games, but if that can be drilled into him, then he has the ability to make things happen.

Jamie Reid - stay

Needs more goals in his game too but while he performs better as the central striker (and would probably flourish there for Evans), his work-rate in the wider position has really caught the eye.

Jack Smith - stay

A loan spell to Kettering over the last few months doesn't bode well but he is a young lad with bags of potential and it would seem a waste to cast him aside

Ross Marshall - go

Keen as mustard when he played and did alright from time to time but not enough to warrant a place in the squad next year.

Bradley Barry - go

Another who is alright but not anything more than that and again, that's not a reason to keep.

Bailey Clements - go

Probably already been recalled by Ipswich as not been seen for a while.

Laurie Walker - go

Not going to be happy with a place on the bench and can't see him being number one.

Michael Bostwick - go

Brought back to stoke the fire of the fans but isn't the same player as he was in his first spell and although he did a job, you could probably get someone younger and cheaper to do the same thing.


I'd like to see Mackye Townsend-West given a go next season and I'm expecting Sam Tinubu to be more of a fixture, or at least get a good loan deal in the National League.