Letchworth played their first Colts fixture at a sunny but windy Royston on Sunday in the first game of the season for both sides.

It was very clear as Letchworth kicked off into a strong breeze that the game was going to be a release of pent-up testosterone, within the first five minutes there had been some huge tackles made.

Letchworth maintained the territorial advantage initially scoring first. After that the lead changed hands several times with Royston a couple tries clear at half time.

The intensity continued into the second half with no quarter given as with the wind Letchworth came back despite Royston crossing the Letchworth line.

Heading into the last quarter the physicality was maintained with Letchworth ultimately winning 36-21.

This was a superb advert for Colts rugby with both sides equally matched, part two will take place at Letchworth on Sunday for the return fixture.