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Statutory Notice

Fearnhill School
Notice ID: 11163988

The School Organisation (Removal of Foundation, Reduction in Number of Foundation Governors and Ability of Foundation to pay Debts) (England) Regulations 2007 (the "Removal Regulations")

Notice is hereby given that Fearnhill School and The Highfield School, both of Letchworth Garden City, propose to remove a foundation. Letchworth Garden City Education Partnership was established in 2013 as the foundation for both schools.

A full copy of the Schools' proposal can be found on each of the schools' websites, details below, or by requesting a copy from the respective school's reception.

The Highfield School —

Fearnhill School —

Any person wishing to object or make representations on the proposal may do so by emailing:

consultation@fearnhiIIherts.sch. uk

or making an appointment with the school's reception to speak to the school's headteacher.

The representation period will expire on 19th July 2022.

Publication Date: 7th June 2022