Zombies take over Stevenage

Zombies have overtaken a town leaving most of the population undead – according to a blogger who is getting thousands of hits on his daily diary.

Dave Jones is holed up in his Brent Court flat in Stevenage blogging about a zombie invasion that has taken over the town. And it’s not only the town that has gone viral but his blog too – with followers across the globe checking his Zombie Survivor Diaries.

The 30-year-old realistic blog started on June 3 and contains video, photos and a daily description of events of a town in the grip of terror.

The self-confessed Zombie nut, said: “I am doing it because I have a love for zombies. I have nearly all the DVDs, books, and even some graphic novels so you could say I am a walking encyclopaedia for the zombie genre.

“I have noticed that there isn’t anything like this online, well none that have pictures and videos, and the dialogue for most is brief and limited. I thought it could be a new and interesting idea that is not only interactive but live in real time.”

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The unemployed graphic designer, who uses photographs, film footage and manipulated video to show the town under siege from both the undead and the army, said the idea has caught people’s imaginations.

“So far I am getting swamped with emails from people who love the story, others are saying they are viewing the blog on their phones, nearly all the forums I use are all posting like crazy and In 48 hours of going live my site visitor count jumped to 2000 page views.

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“So there definitely is a fan base for it and I must be doing something right. The future of the blog only depends on my time to work on it and how people react to the story, I feel the writing style is beginning to get much deeper and more like a novel than a blog, the pacing is working well for the timeline and I am trying to portray the main character – me - surviving on my own in an isolated world with limited food and nobody else to rescue me.”

To follow Dave’s journey, go to http://zombiesurvivordiarys.blogspot.com

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