Woman discovers abandoned kittens in Stevenage


Cats - Credit: Archant

A woman who discovered two abandoned kittens on her doorstep wants their original owner to know they will find a new home.

Hazel Roethenbaugh, of Chells Manor, Stevenage, found a bag containing one black and white and one ginger cat when a neighbour knocked on their door at approximately 2pm.

She said: “It was such a surprise. I’m not sure how long they had been left there. It was clear these cats had been well looked after before because they were very calm and easy to handle. My husband thought I might have been being sneaky and asked if I had gotten a friend to drop them off.

“I have no idea who could have left them there. I think because I have fostered many cats and dogs over the years and I’m a well known animal lover, whoever left them there must have felt they were in good hands. I just want their original owner to know they are going to be okay.”

Mrs Roethenbaugh took the cats to Great Ashby vets where they were deemed to be in good health before being passed along to animal welfare charity Cats Protection.

For more information about Cats Protection, visit www.cats.org.uk