Woman ‘devastated’ after losing one-of-a-kind wedding ring in Hitchin

A WOMAN has been left “devastated” after losing her wedding ring which was designed by her husband.

Emma Lambourne, who lives near Leicester, stayed at the Lord Lister Hotel in Hitchin for a friend’s birthday party and has not seen her ring since.

She removed the ring before showering and forgot to put it back on before checking out of the hotel.

Despite searching the room from top to bottom, the hotel could not find it and Mrs Lambourne is now appealing for Comet readers to help.

“I am devastated to have lost such a precious and most important thing to me,” she said.

“I really hope anyone reading this and seeing the photo will think ‘oh, I saw that today’, or might remember it when they see it for sale in a junk shop or car boot, for example.

“It might have fallen into the rubbish bin, or maybe when the room was cleaned it was sucked up the hoover.

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“You never know, it’s worth a try.”

The special wedding and engagement ring, which was lost on the weekend of May 6/7, was designed by Mrs Lambourne’s husband, Olly.

It’s made of stainless steel, and contains 19 tiny replica diamond inserts, to mark the date - September 19 - the couple married.

Mr and Mrs Lambourne are offering a reward to anyone that can return the ring.

If you have already found the ring or think you might know where it is, ring Herts Police, quoting reference number G1/041109/12.

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