Complaints mount after recent allegations of anti-social behaviour in Hitchin

Windmill Hill in Hitchin has become the centre of a debate between residents after anti-social behav

Windmill Hill in Hitchin has become the centre of a debate between residents after anti-social behaviour complaints have been made. Picture: Dan Wilson - Credit: Daniel Wilson

Hitchin’s Windmill Hill has become the centre of attention this week, after residents complained of alleged anti-social behaviour and littering in the area.

North Hertfordshire District Council and community police officers have all been contacted by residents, with some complaining about a rise in anti-social behaviour, noise and littering on Windmill Hill since Monday.

But many are split on what has happened recently at Windmill Hill – with some lambasting the perceived lack of action by police, while others praised a group who cleaned up the area.

NHDC Cllr Sam Collins said: “People need to understand that the hill is next to quite a lot of people’s homes.

“Many of those who live there accept that people gather there in evenings, but the levels of noise and litter are currently unacceptable.

“Residents are understandably fed up of those selfish individuals who ignore the fact that they are disturbing lots of people.

“If people were congregating in small groups, not being loud and taking home their litter I don’t think there would be any issue. But what’s going on now is just unacceptable.”

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One Walsworth Road resident says the noise has been insufferable in recent days, and says they have found used needles, broken trees and human excrement in the nearby Windmill Hill Woods.

“For the last four or five nights there has been excessive noise, music and shouting up until about 2am on the Hill.

“It’s so bad that we have to have our windows closed, and they’re rattling because of the noise. I have two young kids and it’s not fair on them.

“In Windmill Hill Woods, we’ve found human excrement, old needles and other used drug stuff. We want to see some action taken on this.”

But, other residents argued that so long as people tidied up after their visit, they had no issues with the groups that congregate on Windmill Hill.

James Duncan said: “As long as they clean up after themselves and young people are safe I don’t see an issue, it’s not like they have anywhere else to go.”

Harriet May added: “Personally, I like seeing people enjoying themselves there and not everyone has gardens! Yes they should go home when the sun goes down and pick up their rubbish.”

Herts police have been contacted for comment.