Win a Yale Keyfree entrance door lock - push the button and your door opens!

Struggling with your shopping? Loaded down with bags from the sales? The last thing you need is the frantic search for your keys and a fumble with the door lock.

Well that need not be the case any longer. Because we are giving away the most brilliant gadget - a remote control front door opener,

The new Keyfree entrance door lock is more than just a clever gadget, it’s designed to make your home life easier. The door comes complete with a 10 metre range, meaning you can open your front door as you pull up in the car.

And it’s not just convenient for those with shopping in their hands, Whether you’re going out for a run, a ride out on your bike or walking the dog, with the Keyfree lock from Yale there’s no need to take any bulky and awkward keys with you ever again.

The electronic lock makes your life safer as well as it will automatically lock on the latch when you close the door, preventing anyone from following you inside.

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