Win a Heroes and Sweethearts box set to commemorate the Battle of Britain!

War heightens everything. It sharpens the senses and makes life more vivid. It was, and is, a complete way of living and its music mirrors all the hope, innocence, tragedy, romance and commitment of its people.

Those stories resonate perfectly with Heroes And Sweethearts, a unique package about the original heroes and sweethearts.

A stunning double CD deluxe box with bonus DVD, it completely encapsulates the mood and the memory of the time. It is nostalgia at its very best.

Out on USM Media on July 5th, Heroes And Sweethearts is released in association with the Royal Air Force Museum to commemorate the 70th Anniversary of the Battle Of Britain throughout the summer.

And we have three copies of this brilliant package to giveaway to our online readers.

All the very best music that inspired and defined a generation contained within the set which features over 60 timeless songs offering over three hours of music. These are classic songs all by the original artists, from Glen Miller to Duke Ellington, from Anne Shelton to Vera Lynn.

The DVD Includes over 30 songs and tunes from the war years and features newsreel footage and rare original artist performances from a host of stars including Vera Lynn, Judy Garland, George Formby, Gracie Fields, The Andrews Sisters, Bing Crosby, Flanagan & Allen and Doolie Wilson singing As Time Goes By.

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