‘Will.i.am is a plonker’ says Codicote musician Lawrence Hill after button-gate on ITV’s The Voice

Will.i.am on The Voice. Picture credit: Rachel Joseph.

Will.i.am on The Voice. Picture credit: Rachel Joseph. - Credit: ITV

Codicote musician Lawrence Hill has branded Black Eyed Peas star Will.i.am a ‘plonker’ after he accidentally picked him on The Voice UK.

Lawrence Hill on The Voice. Picture credit: Rachel Joseph.

Lawrence Hill on The Voice. Picture credit: Rachel Joseph. - Credit: ITV

The 25-year-old appeared on ITV’s show on Saturday night but, after being chosen by Will.i.am, the rapper claimed he had not meant to swivel his chair, and was actually just doodling on his buzzer.

“Of course he’s a plonker,” Lawrence told the Comet.

“You can’t turn around to someone after they have been put through that and say things like that without some ramifications, and I’m sure he agrees with me.”

However, Will.i.am went on to praise Mr Hill’s ‘dope’ voice, adding he “believes in destiny, and destiny is the destination”.


Lawrence has been a full-time artist for a year-and-a-half, performing at venues including Cinnabar in Stevenage and Hitchin’s Pitcher & Piano.

However, he said going on The Voice was easily the most nerve-wracking thing he had ever done.

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“It doesn’t feel real,” he said of media attention about the ‘button-gate’ incident. “It’s a bit of a hailstorm.

“One minute I’m feeling really excited because my name’s everywhere, then five minutes later I’m thinking ‘should I have done this?’.


“I do not have any regrets, but I think I need to understand it better – it’s still sinking in.”

Giving a teaser for the following episode, he added: “From my point of view two things have to happen.

“One is a chat with Will to clear the air, and the other is either I walk or I carry on in the show.

“But I’m feeling very optimistic about what’s coming up, and am so grateful for everyone’s lovely comments because they’re the people that matter at the end of the day.”

Before committing to music full-time, Lawrence had a gardening company that worked across Hertfordshire, and had stints in retail in Stevenage and at BOB FM.

The next episode is on Saturday, February 11, at 8pm on ITV.