Who do you trust to govern Hertfordshire and the country? – As election candidates try to win your support out on the streets, take part in our poll to help you decide who you believe

Stevenage MP Stephen McPartland

Stevenage MP Stephen McPartland - Credit: Archant

Many of you may be beginning to feel completely overwhelmed by the constant talk about elections on our television screens, tablets and mobile phones.

With the county council elections set to take place on May 4 and the General Election on June 8, there are many different political parties and candidates completing for your attention and a confusion array of different issues to think about.

What is certain is that you must choose councillors to represent you at county council level on May 4 and members of parliament to represent you on June 8.

Take part in our poll here to help you decide which of the parties you trust most to govern Hertfordshire and the country.

You’ve got a lot to think about.

Labourt Party candidate for Shephall and Bandley Hill in Stevenage Jim Brown

Labourt Party candidate for Shephall and Bandley Hill in Stevenage Jim Brown - Credit: Archant

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The issue of who might best deal with Britain’s exit from the EU might be uppermost in your mind, or maybe you are swayed by the different personalities of the party leaders – Theresa May, Jeremy Corbyn and Tim Farron.

You might wonder if you can trust the Tories on their austerity policy, or whether Labour will manage the economy more effectively. Then there’s the whole issue of defence, our relationship with the United States and the War on Terror.

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But that’s not all – at local level your choice has to consider things like whether the street lights are working, whether the roads are full of potholes or whether there are enough places at the local primary school.

It’s never been a more confusing time to be a voter, but neither has it ever been more important that we make the right choice to secure the future of our towns and our country.

Speaking to candidates in Stevenage out on the streets this morning, it’s clear they see this as a crucial moment.

Hertfordshire itself is overwhelmingly Conservative in its voting habits, but Stevenage is the one area where Labour have a stronghold at council level.

They feel confident they can build on this to overturn the slim majority held by Stevenage MP Stephen McPartland and win the seat.

Mr McPartland told this paper his slim ten per cent majority means Stevenage could be a mark of how the election will go across the UK – we will either see the Tories protecting a small majority, or Labour or the Lib Dems building on discontent with Brexit and austerity to come storming in and take the win.

Basically, if Labour can win in Stevenage, they can win the election. If they can’t, it’s a good sign the Tories will hang on in there.

You can find full lists of the candidates for county elections here and a summary of the national election picture here.

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