Family of dying Stevenage man launch desperate appeal to fund wetroom to help retain his dignity

Stevenage's Peter Angel is battling motor neurone disease and needs a downstairs wetroom to help ret

Stevenage's Peter Angel is battling motor neurone disease and needs a downstairs wetroom to help retain his dignity. Picture: Peter Angel - Credit: Archant

The family of a man rapidly losing his mobility and independence due to motor neurone disease are appealing for help in creating a downstairs wetroom in his home to help retain his dignity.

Peter Angel, who lives in Stevenage, was diagnosed with MND in March and is already struggling to walk.

His daughter, Charlotte Parry, said: "My dad was always fit, active and very independent.

"In July last year he started to have falls. We were clinging to the hope it was a trapped nerve, but after scans and tests dad's consultant gave him the news it was motor neurone disease and there is no cure."

The crippling terminal disease has already had a devastating impact, with Peter no longer able to do simple tasks.

Charlotte said: "Dad has lost a very large part of his mobility and independence. Any more than 20 steps and he needs to use a wheelchair. Everyday tasks of getting dressed, opening jars, gripping objects and picking things up are becoming increasingly difficult.

"Dad's bed is now downstairs in the dining room and it's extremely dangerous for him to try to get upstairs for a bath."

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The only toilet is also upstairs, but the layout of Peter's home rules out installing a stairlift.

Peter, 54, said: "I have lost mobility, independence and now I'm about to lose my dignity. I can no longer gather the strength in my legs to climb the stairs, but the only bathroom and toilet we have is upstairs.

"The future looks sad. The really sad thing is my body is failing but my mind is still alive.

"I am blessed I have a loving family and friends who help try to make my life better.

"I always thought I was a strong person, but I now realise how weak I am. Everything is failing, but inside I'm still me."

Charlotte has set up a Go Fund Me page to help pay for a wetroom downstairs in Peter's home.

She said: "We are in desperate need. If you could even donate £1 it would be amazing.

"Dad has given so much to everyone over his life and now has had so much taken away with this vile and nasty disease.

"Please help him keep part of his dignity by donating whatever you can to help fund a ground floor washroom."

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