Weston man on worldwide charity motorbike ride

A MOTORCYCLIST driven to raise money after his wife’s serious illness will attempt a daring charity adventure across some of the world’s most remote regions later this month.

The aptly named Simon Race, of Weston, will cross 20 borders and 15 countries on his high-powered motorbike which will see him pass through Russia, Mongolia and America.

He said: “I think the tough stuff is going to be coming to grips with the Russian language but at least I can order a beer.

“I also think being away from home and out of my comfort zone in the wilds of Mongolia will be tough.”

The 46-year-old semi-retired businessman says he was inspired to raise money for Breast Cancer Care due to the help his wife, Susie, received after being diagnosed with the illness in 2005, although he will also be raising money for The Christina Noble Children’s Foundation.

Mr Race says he asked the cancer charity what he could do to help and they suggested raising funds.

He said: “They said charity fund raising because funding is desperately needed, I have always had this dream of doing something different.

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“I could have done it on my own, like so many people do, but I decided to try and raise funds.”

Mr Race has previously raised money on trips across America and a journey into Alaska’s Arctic Circle, all of which he funds out of his own pocket, with one raising �15,000.

His latest six-month expedition will see Mr Race follow parts of the famous Silk Road, The Trans-Siberian Highway and the 16,500ft Pamir Mountains, in Kyrgyzstan.

Despite the hardship he says he is keen to get away from the UK.

He said: “I will miss the Mrs but I’m looking forward to getting away because at the moment the papers are full of doom and gloom.

“Everything’s about conflict around the world and banking crises, it seems a bit of an extreme length to get away from it really.”

If you want to donate any money towards the two charities log on to www.justgiving.com/raceroundtheworld-breastcancercare or www.justgiving.com/raceroundtheworld-christinanoble

Mr Race leaves on Easter Monday and will be updating his website www.moto-mondo.net as he progresses on his journey.