Weston Hills sheep killed in “horrendous” dog attack

A sheep was killed following a "horrendous" dog attack yesterday at Weston Hills in Baldock.

A sheep was killed following a "horrendous" dog attack yesterday at Weston Hills in Baldock. - Credit: Daniel Wilson

A Weston Hills sheep has been killed following a “horrendous” dog attack yesterday.

The sheep, which belonged to a farmer, was found with fatal neck wounds in a fenced meadow on Gibbet Hill at the Weston Hills Local Nature Reserve in Baldock.

The flock of sheep was reintroduced to the steeper parts of the hill earlier this month as part of the conservation management by North Hertfordshire District Council and the Countryside Management Service.

The meadow had been temporarily closed to the public in an attempt to keep the sheep safe while they grazed the grass and low shrubs found there.

NHDC Councillor Jane Gray said: “The vast majority of dog owners do of course act responsibly and control their dogs. However, as in this incident, the consequences can be awful when they don’t.

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“Attacks on animals cause horrendous injuries, which often result in them having to be put down. Weston Hills is a beautiful place to walk where animals graze, so it is crucially important that dog walkers act responsibly in such areas and ensure that their dogs do not cause harm to other animals.”

Angela Forster of the Countryside Management Service said: “If a reader saw someone walking their dog in the field during these times, or know the owner of the dog that could be responsible; this information should be provided to the police to help prevent this from happening again.”

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If you have any information about this incident you should report it to NHDC and contact Hertfordshire Constabulary on the non-emergency number 101.

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