Westley will only make additions if they offer a different dimension

Boro boss in no rush to add to his squad

BORO boss Graham Westley says he will only make additions to his squad if he feels it adds a different dimension.

Warren McBean, Chris Dickson and Omar Riza were among the trialists Westley looked at during Boro’s 2-0 win over Histon on Wednesday evening but the Boro boss is in no rush to delve into the transfer market.

“We may well look at players to see if there are different dimensions out there, people who can add something different to the squad,” Westley told The Comet afterwards.

“We’ve got 23 players already at the club and 23 very good players at the club. It’s just really if there is something out there that adds a different dimension that I think will make a difference then it may well be that I can do something.

“I’ve got a board of directors and a chairman to persuade if I’m going to do that and that’s never easy.”

Westley’s side turned in a solid display at the Glassworld Stadium and the Boro boss was happy that his players were made to work hard for their win.

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“It was a difficult fixture for us tonight,” explained the Boro chief.

“They had a lot of competitive players, a lot of players hungry and eager for contracts here. I know John’s (Beck) doing a lot of work to bring his squad together at the moment and up against that it was always going to be difficult.

It was a competitive 90 minutes of football for Boro, something Westley appreciated.

“We’re always looking to be competitive in what we do and the more competitive our opponents are the better from our point of view,” he said.

“Our lads played a lot of match minutes last night (against Yeovil), some of them, which meant they were really having to work hard to put one foot in front of the other.

“We didn’t play the best football but we worked hard, we defended our goal, we kept a clean sheet, we scored two goals at the other end, we won the football match and I’m always happy when we win a game.”