Westley says plan to get at Peterborough early paid off

Graham Westley looks over towards the Boro fans

Graham Westley looks over towards the Boro fans - Credit: Archant

Stevenage boss accepts Jimmy Smith red card but says club does not get a fair deal when it comes to refereeing decisions

Peterborough manager Darren Ferguson has words with the referee

Peterborough manager Darren Ferguson has words with the referee - Credit: Archant

Graham Westley says his side deserved all three points from their win over Peterborough United.

The Stevenage manager said Boro took the game to their opponents from the off on Saturday, and while adding that although he agreed with the two yellow cards that led Jimmy Smith being sent off he believed that Peterborough put pressure on the match officials throughout.

“I thought we got what we deserved,” Westley said. “I think we came with a strong gameplan, we went on to the front foot and pushed them back. We knew that they were in a difficult run of form and we knew that an early goal would probably bring pressure on to them.

“I think the players went about the job in a strong way. We got the lead, and we knew from there a clean sheet would win the game.

“Although we wanted to take the game forward, certainly when we went down to 10 men it was a back-footed performance that we had to put in. [It was] very disciplined and very hard-working performance.

“I thought [the red card] was fair enough. I think the first yellow you can’t have any arguments… and then he steps across the line for the second.

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“I think there were numerous cards that [Peterborough] could have taken, I really do. Darren [Ferguson] did a good job on the fourth [official]; the fourth was in touch with the ref and they got themselves into a position where I think the ref was under a lot of pressure. Darren’s had a good teacher, hasn’t he?

“The referee under that pressure was very definitely allowing things to go. There was one right in front of me that was a yellow all day long, and it wasn’t given.

“We once again face this. Bigger clubs in the league we’re in are going to bring pressure on refs and grounds are going to bring pressure on refs.

“We have kind have got used to it haven’t we? I’m not going to sit back and accept it, I’m going to talk to people about it and draw attention to it, but we don’t get the fairest end of the deal do we?”

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