Westley looking for a remedy to cure ‘infected’ Boro

Stevenage manager Graham Westley. Photo: Danny Loo

Stevenage manager Graham Westley. Photo: Danny Loo - Credit: Archant

Stevenage boss says he can see in his players’ eyes there is a will to win

Graham Westley says he is aiming to find a remedy to cure a team ‘infected by losing’.

Stevenage are currently on a four-game losing streak and are without a win in six league matches – and looking at the bigger picture, the club has only won six league matches from 33 in this calendar year.

Speaking after Saturday’s 1-0 home defeat to Coventry City, Westley says that his side had shower a greater attacking intent and added that his side is ‘nipping the losing habits in the bud every day’.

“We’ll continue to do the work that we need to do to get a winning machine back together,” the Stevenage manager said following Saturday’s loss.

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“I said in my programme notes that the club had lost 14 in 17 when I arrived, I’ve lost 11 of the 17 now that I’ve been here for. That’s a marginal improvement over 17 games.

“Rome wasn’t built in a day. We’re nipping the losing habits in the bud every day, we’re trying to introduce the winning habit but of course when you’re infected by losing it’s tough to get it out.

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“The desire of the players to change is something that is really evident to me now. There’s a lot of players who are changing, obviously there’s always going to be people stuck in their ways who it will take longer to shift in terms of moving them in the right direction or moving them from the club.

“We’re definitely getting a momentum building now, and I don’t think we’re far away from a good set of results.

“The dressing room’s got that feel about it, you can see by the look in the players’ eyes, they’re not happy with the way the results are and I think the desire and determination to change things is very much alive.”

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