Westley hits out at Chesterfield boss John Sheridan

Boro manager says Sheridan’s comments about players faking injury were ‘a disgrace’

BORO manager Graham Westley has hit out at his counterpart at Chesterfield, John Sheridan, after the latter accused Stevenage players of feigning injuries during Saturday’s match.

The fourth official added on six minutes at the end of the game - during which time the home side scored an equaliser - and afterwards Sheridan was quoted as saying: “I thought there may have been longer extra time with the ‘so called’ injuries going on on the pitch, trying to bide their time. I asked the fourth official if he realised Stevenage were taking the mickey out of them.”

Reacting to those comments, Westley said on Tuesday evening: “I’ll be honest, what was said in the press at the weekend was a disgrace. John Sheridan should be ashamed of himself.

“He’s hammered Ronnie Henry for going down. Ronnie Henry missed the game tonight (against Bournemouth), he was on the coach in a bad way on Saturday night. To accuse one of our players of feigning injury is a disgrace and he should be ashamed.”

Saturday was not the first time Sheridan had upset the Boro boss - last season the Chesterfield manager compared Stevenage to a team of body builders, poking fun at the height and physical attributes of the Boro line-up.