WEEK TWO: Residents join the campaign

SINCE the launch of our campaign against the Luton Airport expansion, readers have been contacting us in support.

Mark Smith, from Stevenage, said: “The people who want this airport expansion should live under the flight path and put up with the noise all day and night, especially between 2am and 3am.

“You can see the landing lights of the next aircraft come into view as one passes over head. If the airport does expand, it means bigger aircraft, meaning more noise.”

Diann Simm, who also lives in Stevenage, has a number of reasons why she does not support LLAL’s proposals.

She said that she had concerns relation to traffic, as well as the height that the aircraft fly, noise levels, and lack of emergency plans in place for any crashes.

Angus Kindley, from Hitchin, also aired concerns.

He said: “You have to question the very feasibility and sense of such expansion.

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“That old chestnut “‘we will have quieter aircraft’. What aircraft are they referring to and which of the airlines at Luton are proposing to buy them and when? Until then the same old whine and drone of the older turbofans will continue to echo over our countryside.”

Stevenage resident Don Courtman added: “Nobody wants twice as much noise and more harmful health and safety risks.

“It is looking like a crude attempt to maximise profits for Luton Borough Council, after the rejection of the second runway proposal, a new scheme for expansion and development at everybody else’s expense. It must not be allowed to pass.”

The Comet has also received a couple of responses in support of the expansion.

Carla from Stevenage said: “I would like people protesting against the expansion of Luton airport to stop and think how many of you when you go on holiday fly. Luton is easy to get to. Also, think about how many jobs are going to be created. In this day and age we need all the jobs we can get and the number going to be created at Luton will certainly help this area.”

Caroline from Stevenage added: “I am for the expansion, in fact I am for anything that will create jobs and long term prospects for residents that will boost morale and help lift UK out of the major slump it is in.

“Whilst it may not be what local residents want, the bigger picture is that the expansion project will create jobs in the building and infrastructure industry and also create employment prospects within the airport’s day to day running and associated services.”

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