WEEK THREE: Support continues to grow for Luton Airport campaign

SUPPORT is growing for the Comet’s campaign asking the owners of Luton Airport to sit up and listen to people’s views.

The Comet launched the campaign last month, and have had dozens of letters and emails in support.

Sue Boughton said: “I am horrified to find that the airport is proposing to increase passenger numbers so I support your campaign wholeheartedly.

“I have filled in the consultation questionnaire, but doubt that anyone will take any notice.”

John Mead, who lives in Stevenage, also got in touch with his views on the Luton Airport expansion.

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He said: “I attended the consultation at Stevenage Leisure Centre, to be told that the expected number of flights are expected to increase by a minimum of 55 per cent.

“What this means during the peak periods equates to 35 flights per hour and longer peak periods in the morning and evening time, more noise and pollution for Stevenage.

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“When I moved to the town 40 years ago, the airport was mainly used by light aircraft with the very occasional large airline flying over the town. Now I can sit in my garden in the morning and have aircraft overhead every two or three minutes. Surely enough is enough.”

The campaign has also drawn support from those outside of Comet country.

Helena Cotter, who lives under the flightpath in Luton South, said: “The noise here is dreadful - the aircraft have crept closer and lower to our homes over that last couple of years.

“I am emailing to add my support to your campaign from over the border here in Luton.

“This expansion, in my opinion, is not needed, is unaffordable and is going to create so much more day and night noise and pollution.

“Many of us living here for not support the expansion plans.”

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