WEEK THREE: LADACAN joins the campaign

AN ESTABLISHED action group which has fought for years against expansion of Luton Airport has backed the Comet’s campaign.

Luton and District Association for the Control of Aircraft Noise - LADACAN - is supporting The Comet’s fight to oppose plans to double the capacity at the airport.

The group has said that figures released by London Luton Airport Ltd, which claims the expansion will create 6,000 jobs, are flawed.

Member John Davis said: “We’ve been talking about the extra jobs issue, because I think, unfortunately, some people are being taken in by the figures. In a time of a recession, it’s a powerful motivator. It could create 1,000 jobs maybe, but certainly not the 6,000 that’s being talked about.

“Certainly, we are still against this. We think enough is enough, we think people have suffered long enough as it is.

“I think the newspaper campaign is helpful, and it’s important for residents. We’re very pleased about it.”

LADACAN, which is the longest running campaign group against the Luton Airport expansion, is also encouraging people to make their views known at the next airport consultative committee.

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It will be held on Monday, March 19, at Putteridge Bury Conference from 2pm.