WEEK FOUR: More voices added to the Comet’s Luton Airport campaign

MORE people have been adding their support to the Comet’s campaign, which says NO to plans to double the number of passengers using Luton Airport.

MPs, councillors, groups and residents have already backed our campaign against the Luton Airport expansion, and this week, we have more voices lending their support.

Campaign group No More Flights has joined Luton and District Association for the Control of Aircraft Noise (LADACAN) and Hertfordshire Against Luton Expansion (HALE) in backing the Comet.

Spokesman Judy Shardlow said: “One of the problems we have got is that, as well as creating noise problems, the airport generates a huge amount of traffic.

“At the consultation, people have been told that most people access the airport by public transport, which is simply not true. The airport does have a park and ride, so maybe that is being used to distort figures.

“It takes people a while to digest information and to see the potential consequences. We need to make sure that people see those.”

Stevenage Borough councillor Michael Hearn has also said he wishes to join the campaign.

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“I would like to add my name to it, clearly in opposition [of expansion],” he said.

“Currently, I am outraged by the volume of traffic increase and shifted pattern which now sees great impact and detriment to my constituents in Martins Wood. I have had a number of major complaints about this already.

“The reality of an increase in traffic would be horrendous for the people of Stevenage and I believe we should be asking some serious questions not only of Luton Airport and the reasoning for both the changed flight pattern which now intrudes on Stevenage directly and the notion of a need for expansion, but also of the strange silence which Stevenage Borough Council itself has maintained, despite resident appeals for assistance in tackling these problems.”

HALE is claiming that reassurance from London Luton Airport Ltd’s (LLAL) that aircraft are getting quieter is incorrect.

“We believe the futureLuToN team is providing misleading information to the public about aircraft noise trends,” said a spokesman.

“Data from the airport’s own annual reports shows that the noisiness of departing flights is increasing year on year, despite futureLuToN’s claims to the contrary.

“Essentially, it’s caused by the changing mix from older smaller 737s to the newer, larger, heavier Airbus 319/320s. The effect of this is completely the opposite to what futureLuToN are saying.”

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