WEEK FIVE: Just days until Luton Airport consultation finishes

THE public consultation on the proposed expansion of Luton Airport ends on Monday, and that means it’s vital that you get your comments sent in now.

London Luton Airport Ltd (LLAL) is planning to double the number of passengers using the airport, up to 18 million people per year.

It is running a public consultation asking people on their views, and the Comet is running a campaign to ensure as many people as possible have a chance to say no to the expansion.

We still need that final push for people to let LLAL know exactly what they think about the Luton Airport expansion. The passenger increase will mean more flights, more noise, and a burden on roads in North Herts.

Sue Cruh, who lives in Stevenage, has been keeping a diary of each time she is woken by aircraft noise passing over her house.

She has said that, if London Luton Airport Ltd are successful in their plans to double airport capacity, the increase in night flights and noise will affect her health further.

“There is not a single night when I haven’t woken up at least once, even when I take a tablet to help me sleep,” she said. “As a result, I am constantly tired and I am sure my health is being affected in the long run.

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“At night throughout the year, I am constantly woken up by planes flying overhead, despite having double glazing and my windows closed.”

Stevenage MP Stephen McPartland, who joined the Comet’s campaign when it launched, has been meeting members of campaign groups to discuss the proposals.

He said: “Our major concern is an increase in noise, as the figures I have seen clearly show that aircraft noise has increased as the number of flights have increased.

“This can only get worse, and with larger aircraft the flights will be noisier as well as much more frequent. I would urge everyone who has concerns about the expansion proposals to make their views known through the current consultation process.”

North Herts district councillor David Barnard is also encouraging Comet country to have its say.

He said: “Luton Airport does not have night flight restrictions, and we would want a legal restriction put in. When we’ve asked about this, we’ve been told that there’s no plan to increase night flights, but that’s not good enough.

“There’s also the question that nobody is asking which is, even if LBC propose to put in new words, or widen roads, that’s going to damage our countryside, our Green Belt. All of sudden, we will become a network of roads rather than beautiful countryside.

“An increase in profits for Luton means an increased nightmare for North Herts.”

To take part in the consultation, visit www.future-LuToN.co.uk, call 08442 250003, or send comments to RSUB-UEZB-SYXK, GL Hearn, 20 Soho Square, London, W1D 3QW.

We also want to continue to hear your views at the Comet, so email laura.burge@thecomet.net

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